Lots of people are being radicalized in this country right now. You could say there are some very fine radicals on both sides. North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the “Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.” Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that […]

Just off the path

Just off the path, where we dare not look, lives peril, one thousand experiments won’t find. Random in its cruelty, Final with its blows. It lives just off the path.  there is danger just off the path children. Men fall farther than your young eyes can see.

How much I love them

How can I cast off these ambitions? I want simplicity, with no value, in well dressed rooms. Give me the old Gods and the old myths, give me a yellow haired baby, asking me for whatever she wants to eat. Let me sleep. Let me smile. Let them all know, just how much, I love […]

Ohio State vs. Michigan 2019: My Prediction

Last updated December 1, 2019 Before I begin, let me acknowledge a couple points. First, this blog has historically had an almost “emo” poetry bent to it so I get this is an odd subject to chime in on. Second, as I state in my bio, and despite my Michigan roots, I have been an […]

Am I reasonable?

“If any man despises me, that is his problem. My only concern is not doing or saying anything deserving of contempt.” Marcus Aurelius Are you reasonable? Reasonable enough to call balls and strikes as to whether your behavior is “deserving of contempt,” as Marcus Aurelius aspired? Ryan Holiday’s “The Daily Stoic,” tells us how to deal […]

As you leave Detroit

As you leave Detroit, Telegraph Road, with it’s decaying motels, get drunk shack bars, and appliance stores, turns into the gentler Highway 24. With the scars behind you, far away from the sprawl, the farm towns appear. Tidy houses overseeing, tidy fields. Highway 24 shines in the summer. The Ohio state crews, mowing the median […]

For a year

If I can embrace everything for a day, I can embrace everything for a week, and if I could embrace everything, that has come into my life, for a year, maybe then, I would have finally, turned the page, on the worrying, the fidgeting, and the fear, that all float like clouds, blocking, my view, […]

Toy chickens

I have a new puppy named Ned, and he’s teaching me lots. Ned’s a mystic. All dogs are. But sometimes Ned gets afraid. He doesn’t like his crate or rolling garbage bins. Silly Ned. There’s nothing to fear. Ned’s just a dog. He doesn’t know. Just now, I made Ned’s toy chicken squeak. He bounded […]

They aren’t men

For years, Like a recurring dream, I’d find myself drunk in a New York City bar, wishing I’d stayed home, to build something, no one would pay for, in silence. Even today, I think of giving it all up, to drift free in a low rent wilderness, Where the best women won’t have sex. These pangs visit […]

A house like this

Tonight I prepare for bed in a southern mansion house, with a grand staircase, bedroom fireplaces, and absentee Manhattan owners. I’ve always wanted a house like this. To live in a house like this, to die in a house like this. But what is a house like this? If not a stage on which to […]