The “wrong” way

An interesting thing happened in yoga last night. This girl comes in late and takes a spot at the front right corner of the studio, directly in front of me.

As the class got going, she turned around to face me. This meant that we were staring at each other for every vinyasa sequence.

It was a little awkward, but also cool. I like non-conformists. The rest of the class all pointed north, except the girl, who looked south. She went through the entire class this way, facing in the “wrong” direction.

It put a huge smile on my face.

I loved that she was pointing in the wrong direction, and I loved that Gerhard didn’t correct her.

That’s how I went through the first half of class, smiling at the new girl who was doing it “wrong,” glad that no one “corrected her.”

It wasn’t until class was half over that I realized she wasn’t pointing in the wrong direction. She was new to class, and decided to look out at the room so she could better follow transitions. It was smart, and made her experience better.

How many other times have I done that? Assumed someone who wasn’t doing it like everyone else was wrong or confused, when I was the one who was wrong and confused.

Conformity is anything but wise.

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