Toy chickens

I have a new puppy named Ned,

and he’s teaching me lots.

Ned’s a mystic.

All dogs are.

But sometimes Ned gets afraid.

He doesn’t like his crate or rolling garbage bins.

Silly Ned.

There’s nothing to fear.

Ned’s just a dog.

He doesn’t know.

Just now, I made Ned’s toy chicken squeak.

He bounded over to investigate.

He loves his chicken,

especially when it squeaks.

He couldn’t see it was me was pulling the strings.

Just my foot pressing on the little horn sewn inside.

Doesn’t matter to Ned,

he loves that toy chicken all the same.

Got me thinking.

What are my toy chickens?

What are your toy chickens?

What are Neil deGrasse Tyson’s toy chickens?

And who honks those horns?

Ned swears that toy chicken squeaks.

He goes for it every time.

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