The entrepreneur’s jersey

I make dough, but don’t call me dough boy.

Ice Cube

Most of us have seen the movie Rudy. The story of a kid from Gary, Indiana who makes the Notre Dame football team against long odds.

By all measures, Rudy was a football player before he ever ran out of the tunnel. But until his family saw him in his jersey, they didn’t believe he was part of the team.

He could talk about practice, even show the bruises he’d earned, but they didn’t see it.

And they won’t.

That’s what it is to be an entrepreneur. Most of the job is spent with the practice squad. Taking beatings.

Until we’re wearing a jersey, it’s polite smiles.

We can feel ourselves growing stronger, learning from teammates. But as real as it is to us, it’s not real to them until we’ve been assigned a number.

Maybe that shouldn’t matter. But for many, the entrepreneurial¬†ambition is to run onto the field in a jersey. Not as much to validate the entrepreneur, as to silence his critics.

My “little” project?

Wait until you see me in my jersey.

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