Startup prosperity

Many people are waiting for prosperity. It cannot come in the future.

Eckhart Tolle

Both startup founders and investors are often hyper-focused on the “exit,” that time in the future where all the hard work of building a business will pay off.

There’s nothing wrong with being compensated for hard work, but hopes of “cashing out” shouldn’t be the primary motivator for creating or investing. The exit doesn’t yet exist, it may never exist. Chasing it is the best way to build something really shitty. When that time does eventually come, the excitement is over. You’ll then need to go find more.

The real prosperity of a startup is in the uncertainty. It happens during the times when the business may fail, when investors doubt the idea. Taking on risk and pursuing dreams others won’t, that’s a form of prosperity all in itself.

The opportunity to get up in the morning and work on something you created. That’s a blessing regardless of the ultimate “success or failure” of the business.

The opportunity just to do the work.

Your own work. 

Therein lies the prosperity.

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