You define your business

Entrepreneurs, especially early in their careers, are often put in the uncomfortable position of having to justify what they do, both to friends and themselves. The early days never match your ambition. After all, what can you say you really “do” when you spent the day working in your underwear?

Don’t take yourself too seriously, but be vigilant against downgrading your dreams to match the subtle swipes of others. You define your business and what it can become.

The crowd does not.

Especially before it’s reached maturity, other people want to define your business, so they feel better about theirs. When you announce yourself as as an entrepreneur, you’re effectively saying you found a better way. Rather than climbing through an existing system, you’re creating a new one. For those who are invested in the status quo, this can be quite the blow. They’re working hard to advance in their hierarchy, and are motivated by its fruits. Word of a better, more exciting, potentially more lucrative path can be upsetting to the company man.

The comfort of a stable job may seem appealing at your lowest moments. You may be down on your plan at just the moment that face at the cocktail party lights up after learning that you work from a home office. Keep your head up. The goal isn’t recognition. It’s excellence, independence, and problem solving. Don’t lose sight of the motivations people bring to the table with their criticisms.

Creations are malleable, unknown quantities. Letting others define yours is akin to asking the dude next to you at the hospital to name your newborn baby.


You decide your baby’s name, you raise it and shape it according to your vision. You love it.

You decide what it becomes and when it’s arrived, how high it can fly…

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